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Shooting Skills                                              




Shoot Well Range Finding in the Wild
Classic Rifle Shooting Positions Killing Deer with Bullets
Understanding Recoil and How to Manage it Where to Shot Big Game Animals
Precision Pistol and Rifle Marksmanship - Introduction 72 Hour Hunter Survival Kit
How to Shoot Segment 1 - What is Precision Wilderness Survival Rifles
How to Shoot Segment 2 - Sight Picture South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Study
How to Shoot Segment 3 - Trigger Control and Grip Matching the Gun to the Game
How to shoot Segment 4 - Natural Body Alignment
The Personal Range Limit
Marksmanship Qualification Program
Making Sure of the Shot
Recoil Management
Long Range Hunting
Trigger Pull
The CXP Rating System for Hunting Cartridges
Dominant Side or Dominant Eye 300+ Yard Hunting
Extreme Range Shooting
100 Yards is a Long Way!
Understanding Recoil
The 200 Yard Deer Cartridge
TB A Basic Guide to Rifle Accuracy
TB Effective Game Killing
How to Shoot Double Action
How to Shoot Up Hill and Down Hill Don't miss an important shot
How to Shoot a Pistol Accurately How to Hunt Elk      I       II       III       IV       V       VI
How to Test Handgun Accuracy Courses of Fire
TB Hold That Forend! Effective Game Killing
Practice Routines
Some Thoughts on Range Estimation
Some Thoughts on Zeroing

The Modern Techniques of Shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting

Thoughts on the Manipulation of a Bolt Action Rifle Cowboy Shotgunning Equipment and Loading
More Accuracy From Your Rifle: Understand Your Target Getting Started with Cowboy Action Shooting

How to Use a Long Range Shooting Bench
How to Grip a Single Action Revolver
Shooting Tip _ Shooting Bench Techniques
Mounting and Levering Your Rifle

5 Beginner LEVER RIFLE tips

Cowboy Action PISTOL Transitions - Double strong side and Cross-draw weak hand transfer

DOUBLE BARREL technique - shave time off your COWBOY ACTION stages FAST_

Rolling the Rifle - First shot SPEED and ACCURACY

Single Action DOUBLE TAPS_

Staged PISTOL Transitions - for two handed shooters_