Andi's Memory Album Christmas 2000-1

Party at the Carousel

Andi and Daddy

Birthday Cake

Christmas 2000-2

Birthday Presents 1

Andi and Mom

Christmas Presents

Christmas 2000-3
Birthday Presents 2
Andi Baby in the Sun
Andi is Five Christmas 2000-4 Babies Room Andi Hat
Andi Video 1999 Andi Opening Christmas Presents 1998 Baby Party Andi in the Hospital I
Babies Room Another Christmas Morning Baby Playing Andi in the Hospital II
Baby Playing Another Christmas Morning 2 Around the house 1995 Andi in the Hospital III
Bison Range 1994 I Christmas Andi and Mom I Cleaning House with Andi Andi Talking to Dad
Bison Range 1994 II Christmas Andi and Mom II Easter Egg Hunt with Grands 1998 Even More Christmas Presents 1998
Cherries First Haircut First time in Montana Glacier 1995
Infant Andi More Christmas Presents 1998 Playing with Andi 2 Going to the Sun Road I
Playing with Baby Andi More Play More Play with Baby Andi Going to the Sun Road II
Playing with Baby  again Playing with Mom Playing with Andi 3 Going to the Sun Road III
Pregnant and Arts-Crafts Reading a book Playing with Andi 4 Reading with Papau
Riding a Tricycle Rocking Horse Andi Singing Andi Singing Andi b
Stuart Little Singing Andi 2 Singing Andi 3 Yellowstone 1995
Sussex House 1994 The Grands at Gibson Damn
Yellowstone 1995-2