Substitute Lesson Plans

Updated September 10, 2018

Good morning,

Emergency plans, seating charts, class lists, and sub plans are in the three-ring binder (black) located on the top shelf just left of computer screen.  Use the top packet of papers underneath the binder for the day’s assignments.  There is a math and a Language Arts assignment with enough copies for all my classes.  If you would like to offer students a reward for working well, they can play math games on the computer for the last ten minutes of each class.  If you have any questions please ask Krystal Handford, Para-educator, as she knows what is going on.

Period 1: Language Arts

Period 2: Math

Period 3: Prep


Period 4: Language Arts

Period 5: Math

Period 6: Prep

Period 7 Prep



Danny Wainwright