Study Skills

Study Skills

1 Becoming a Flexible Reader  
2 Improving Concentration  
3 KWL Chart  
4 Managing Your Study Time  
5 Math Study Skills  
6 Preparing to Study  
7 Procrastination  
8 Setting Goals  
9 Study Groups  
10 The Ten Study Habits of Successful Students  
11 Multiple Choice tests  
12 SAT Test Taking Tips  
13 Studying for an Essay Test  
14 Test Anxiety  
15 The DETER Strategy for Taking Tests  
16 True false tests.pdf  
Note Taking Remembering Studying Taking Tests Other Helpful stuff
Good Listening in Class

Identifying Lecture Styles

Taking Notes in Class

Using Abbreviations To Write Notes Quickly


Loci Strategy

Using Acronymic Sentences to Remember Information

Using Acronyms to Remember Information

Using Flash Cards to Remember Information

Using Pegwords to Remember Information


Becoming a Flexible Reader

Improving Concentration

KWL Chart

Managing Your Study Time

Math Study Skills

Motivating Yourself to Study

Motivating Yourself to Study

Preparing to Study


Setting Goals

Using Reference Sources


ACT Test Taking Tips

Direction Words In Essay Test Items

Multiple Choice tests

SAT Test Taking Tips

Studying for an Essay Test

Test Anxiety

The DETER Strategy for Taking Tests

True false tests


Activating Your Eight Multiple Intelligences

Helping Your Children in School

Making an Oral Presentation

Participating in Class

Self esteem

Your Preferred Learning Style